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Japan Time: June 04 ,12:22:59 PM (JST)

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  • Freddy


    I want to thank you for the business we make.
    I get the vehicle it’s a good condition and I hope I will make again.

  • Ameriah

    Hello my booss😜

    thanks you very much for da good truck .. right now um receiving ur nice truck


    Yea be blessed forever🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 I really appreciate your business services with me it’s 100% and I rily love this company your a good people and best ever company and I probably promise to make more business with you forever.

    Tell miss Rachida that may god bless her forever🙏🏻 she is so beautiful and blessed in this business. ..

    Best regards
    Ameriah. …

  • Cleophas

    The truck arrived safely.
    Thank you.

    It was a splendid experience transacting with you

  • Zaid

    Salaam sister

    We cleared the trucks today, finally
    Less than an hr off the port, someone wants to buy the Toyota
    I have to quote them tomorrow

  • Salim

    Salaam, today i received the unit
    the general condition is ok.

  • Prossy

    Truck might arrive in Uganda by Thursday or Friday
    So waiting patiently
    Thank you
    Will buy another in a few months

  • Portsmouth Town Council

    Sorry I didn’t get back to you.
    We got the truck and it’s a marvel.
    People think it’s a new truck as a matter of fact.
    So far it has proven to be very useful.
    I appreciated working with you.

  • Mr. Frank

    Hi Rachida
    Hope ur well
    We have received the vehicle
    We are very appreciative, and we like the car so much!
    Thank you!

  • M.Keith Robinson

    Great Bus! Thanks Again, Family loves it!

  • Kasaro Sajen

    I bought this 3tonne Truck from you and has made me proud for its exemplary
    performance and now my Farm work is ticking like no mans bizness. You rock and please keep it up.

    Dear Simone Thanks very much for you mail and really humbled and still excited with my truck.
    Please you are most welcome to publish my photos and my comments on your services rendered to me during and after the purchase of a quality truck which has made my works so much easier than before. I will visit you new website and soon to get another machine from you people. Thanks and best regards to all.

    Kasaro sajen